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Invictus Prep believes that ALL students can be prepared for college success.

Our approach to education is grounded in research-based best practices, Common Core State Standards, and building student efficacy to ensure that our students reach the desired outcomes of mastery. While every teacher employs their own style, they are all designed to encompass the mission and vision of Invictus.

High Academic Expectations Lead to High Academic Achievement
We expect all of our scholars to succeed in the four core academic areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. However, proficiency is not enough to be considered prepared for high school, college & life. We expect every single one of our scholars to become masters of their studies

Learning is Easiest in a Safe, Structured School
Learning cannot occur in an environment of disorder and chaos. Invictus Prep has high expectations for students behavior, and will not allow students to disrespect the school, our staff, other students or themselves.

Literacy is Everything
Literacy is not the exclusive domain of English teachers – we incorporate strategies for literacy in every subject. All faculty members employ the Close Reading method in their classrooms, requiring students to read informational texts, understand what they state explicitly, and make logical inferences from the text while citing textual evidence.

Data-Driven Instruction
Data helps us identify and then address, with clarity and accuracy, the areas in which scholars need help academically. Our process for Data Driven Instruction involves a 3-segment, quarterly cycle:
• We administer carefully designed tests, called interim assessments, each quarter that measure student mastery of content and skills;
• We analyze the results and create instructional action plans on our quarterly Data Day; and
• We reteach the material that students did not master during Intercession Week, immediately following Data Day, before moving on to new material.
We employ the Gradual Release of Responsibility model in order to help our scholars become intellectually and academically independent. While we begin with direct instruction of material, our goal is to actively move students to the point where they practice independently because that means that they have truly the material.

Character Counts
We believe that it is our responsibility to teach students to make good decisions. At Invictus Prep, we are committed to creating a positive school environment using PBIS. Integrity, Courage, Excellence & Determination are the CORE VALUES here at Invictus Prep.

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